Terms & Conditions

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. -: In compliance with Colombian regulations, Law 1581/12, it is authorized in a prior, clear, express and unequivocal manner, so that by virtue of this transaction the personal data provided is processed, stored, allocated and preserved for the pertinent purposes that the Impact Minds Standing Together event requires.

DECLARATION OF ORIGIN OF RESOURCES. -: The participant declares under the gravity of the oath that the resources available for registration to the Impact Minds Standing Together event come from the ordinary course of business derived from its economic activity or its corporate purpose and that they are not the product of illegal activities. The participant agrees with Latimpacto to provide all the information that is requested related to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. In the event of not providing all the required documentation, Latimpacto is empowered to terminate the transaction unilaterally, without prejudice to the power to claim any compensation that may apply.

NON-SOLICITATION CLAUSE. -: Latimpacto is committed to creating a safe and open environment where our community can connect without any financial or other demands or requests. Our non-solicitation policy applies to all Latimpacto-sponsored events, webinars, courses, meetings, and other gatherings, such as trips and delegations. Any participant of any Latimpacto event must know and accept this policy.


First: The participant is the user, previously registered on the website https://impactmindsconference.com/en/, who agrees to have truthfully entered all the personal information required and is solely responsible for the information that does not be real there registered. Whoever provides information or uses their entrance for falsifications or adulterations will be responsible under the terms of the Colombian penal code.
Second: The registrations made are subject to the verification and acceptance of the debit card, credit card or bank transaction by the Bank, or the financial institution, through which the participant registers, as well as the verification of the respective data.
Third: The participant accepts that the event data, number of entrances, locations, value of the entrances, dates and times of the event, have been reviewed by him and the information is his responsibility. Likewise, the participant accepts that:

  • Latimpacto is not obliged to refund money for errors in dates, times, registered values, name of events, quality of the event, or in general causes beyond its own responsibility or that of its agents.
  • Latimpacto is not obliged to make refunds of money if the event must be cancelled, postponed or that it presents some modification in the initially announced conditions, if a situation of force majeure or fortuitous event occurs or if these cannot be carried out. carried out because of health situations and/or public calamity and/or due to contagious diseases and/or threat or fear of contagious disease.
Fourth: If the participant, due to reasons of majeure force or duly accredited fortuitous event, cannot participate in the event, they may assign their entrance to a third party with prior notification and authorization of the assignment by Latimpacto.